Al Stout Legacy Scholarship Fund

Al Stout is my father and biggest supporter. From cheering me on through my athletic seasons, to sharing my passion for creativity to all who will listen; my dad has a special gift of making me feel that my smallest accomplishments deserve the greatest accolades.

The love that my father has for encouraging others does not start or end with me. When I began raising money for Another Beautiful Mess, he jumped right into action, selling several of his antiques to help me accomplish my vision of helping women through compassion and love.

After most of the start-up costs had been covered, my dad continued to bless this ministry and help manage the costs that come with a growing community. With love that only multiplies, the Al Stout Legacy Scholarship Fund was born. Through this scholarship coaching will be made better available to those who may not be able to afford it.

By donating to this scholarship fund my dad’s legacy will continue to help others feel loved, and seen, through their beautiful mess of life. 


– Kim